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I have a hole in my pocket

Money goes poof!

Dear Mom,

I think the most important lesson I am going to learn from this trip is the value of money. Dang. When all is said and done, eight months of work will be dancing around the EU + Czech Republic. Yet, I am still getting a huge deal. It is like not ordering the coke and fries from Wendys. Beat the system. My pleasure.

Well, I am including a list of all my flight plans to date. I am putting these on here as a reference and also so you can track/stalk my flights online if you wish. They are below:

Flight 50
Depart: Dallas/Ft Worth, TX (DFW)
Thu, May 18 05:05 PM
Arrive: London Gatwick, UK (LGW)
Fri, May 19 08:05 AM (Arrive next day)
Requested Seats: 23C

LONDON (Luton) to ROME (Ciampino)
Flight 3402
May 20, Saturday
Departs: Luton 7:10
Arrives: Ciampino 10:40
Confirmation number: HHKDEB

Eurailpass Youth Flexi 10 days in 2 months - 2nd Class
Order ID: EUR 149054

June 6
Working on it...

flight 2002
dep. Fri 16 Jun 20:55
arr. Fri 16 Jun 22:50
Booking reference: EBMK47S

LONDON (Luton) (LTN) to Dublin (DUB)
Flight 331 Saturday, 17 Jun 06
Depart London Luton (LTN) 06:25
Arrive Dublin (DUB) 07:35
Confirmation Number JYZUAF

American Airlines Flight 51( nonstop )
Depart: London Gatwick, UK (LGW)
Mon, Jun 26 10:25 AM
Arrive: Dallas/Ft Worth, TX (DFW)
Mon, Jun 26 02:20 PM
Requested Seats: 23C

Here is also a list of some of Paul's and my priorities, def not finalized:
Rome, Florence (Carolyn's place), the Cinche Terra (sp?), Venice, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Paris (Normandy), Lourdes.

I meet up with Whitney the 6th of June in Milan. We then fly to Athens. We have talked about visiting:
Athens, Mykonos, Naxos, Santorini. All Cyclades Islands, all accessible by ferry.

I have a flight the night of the 16th of June to London then the next morning a flight to Dublin where I met Pops at Hotel O'Neil in Dublin. To reply to your concern in sleeping in the airport in London that night, I checked online and there have been many favorable comments about sleeping in Luton according to sleepinginairports.net! So noooo worries!

I hope that you understand all of these and if you have ANY questions what-so-ever please let me know! Incase you are wondering, I will be wearing primarily lenin clothing and no underwear and not showering.


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Prepare or prepare to fail

I am counting down the days...

Dear Mom,

First of all, this is what my generation calls a BLOG. Which is slang for "the downfall of our youth". Yet, I know you are just itching yourself wondering alllllllll about my trip.

Next, I appreciate your 37 page e-mail about all of your worries and concerns. Trust that I will be using most if not all of your recommendations.

Paul and I have been talking back and forth on the phone and on e-mail about our 2 weeks together. Whitney and I have been doing the same and Dad is telling me to stay out of his part of the trip. He keeps asking me, and I don't remember, has he ever led me astray?

I met with Carolyn Adair, owner of Amici Olive Oil just outside of Florence, this Monday and she invited us to stay with her. I am very excited but do share in her daily dilemma: should we stay in the valley home or the mountain home?? I guess we will see.. =)

I am pretty offended I just typed a smiley face, so I will go ahead into more specifics about my trip.

I have: My flight to and fro Europe. My flight from London to Rome (albeit those damn Celtics double charged me). My first hostel reserved in London (called the Generator. I am sure there are tons of black lights and gelled hair styles. Thank the Lord I am only there for one day)
I need: to purchase my Eurail pass (can’t decide if I want a 10 day or 15 day) my flight from Milan to Athens and Athens to London. A money belt, a rain jacket, a backpack from Travis and 75 Cliff Bars for when I get hungry!

There are a bazillion other things I would like to include on this first entry, but I will reserve that for a later date. Let me know if you love or hate this blog or if you would rather have e-mails. I figured this way you could link it to your friends or if any cute girls want to know about my trip you can just direct them here.

Your son,

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